PeaPu’s Cyberpunk Tokens #2 FULL


Our FULL Cyberpunk Tokens pack #2! (756 tokens)
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The file size is too large for CA, so the GET button will link to our Gumroad where you can purchase the full version
This Full pack contains 61 unique tokens and 756 tokens all together if you include all the variations. 

You can group the tokens into the following categories: 
– Augmented (Have cybernetic limbs/parts)
– Civilians (Folks just minding their own business)
– Homeless (unfortunate folks)
– Punks (they rock)
– Sex Workers (You know the type. It’s all safe for work stuff)
– Thugs (tough lookin mafia fellas) 
– and a few other small tags.

Two files are available for download:
 PeaPu_Cyberpunk_Tokens_2.1_Full (PNGs): This one contains high quality PNGs for you to use in VTTs
PeaPu_Cyberpunk_Tokens_2: This one contains a dungeondraft pack, so you can add tokens to your maps easily.

The free pack contains 20 tokens which can be acquired here.

More PeaPu:
We plan on releasing many more packs and updates so if you want those as quick as possible, check us out: 
License: If you wish to use the items commercially, you have to be subscribed to our Patreon at the Boopsnessman Tier or higher.

If  you have any questions feel free to reach out, we’re quite receptive!


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Our license is a little unique and to avoid confusion I would recommend you read it here on our Patreon Page. 
Personal use only.
You may use it commercially if you are subscribed to our Patreon at the Boopsnessman Tier.

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-Resized all tokens to fit a ratio of 1-1, hopefully fixing most scaling errors for folks in VTTs.
Some tokens are designed to fit a larger grid space that 1x1, so manually rescaling is still needed for some. No way to avoid it. But if you use Foundry VTT, there's the Quick Scale module which makes the process a LOT easier.

2022/11/21 - File size became too large for CA
-Resized tokens from 256px to 512px per 1:1 grid units
-Rotated some tokens
-Removed certain variations and replaced them with others
-Added some variations (notably black versions for some tokens)
-Changed the skin tones to be more pronounced and easier to differentiate (particularly tan and light)
-Fixed some naming issues
-Added Civilian 09 (turn out he was missing)
-Added WebP version
-Added .dungeondraft_pack version (this one has 256px per unit for easy scaling)


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