Mog’s Structure pack (modern and sci fi)


A pack for creating modern structures with some additional scifi resources
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A pack with 1000 plus assets (including variants) intended to allow you to build modern brick and concrete structures (with and without plaster and three shades of wood). Multiple modern door and window types are also included in a mix of colours.  Some internal fittings are present (sofas, bathroom furniture) also in multiple colours and clean/dirty variants.  Images of assets can be found in the previews as can four maps made with them (note the breached apartment map uses some resources for furniture not from this pack, the others are fully present.  Additionally all maps use Krager’s Shadow Pack to add depth).

The pack is split into five dungeondraft files to facilitate cartography asset’s maximum upload limit.  File 1 contains core files, files two to four contain additional flooring patterns and the fifth file is sci fi only

There are a few explicitly scifi walls and floors thrown in as a bonus but these aren’t the focus.

There are a few files for adding damage to the walls but these will be expanded upon in a future pack.  I include them here as a bonus

06/08/2022 (UK format) few minor fixes made


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Don't resell the assets as is but feel free to use them as a base for other things.

All I ask is an acknowledgement as 'mogcat', this can be on a download page, attached file or written onto your creation if you really want to.

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