Fluffy Palms Pack


Palm trees to make 3 styles of forests
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We made these trees to have more variety of forest styles on our maps.

There are two packs: Palms and Palm Centre’s. 

  • If you only use the palms, you will have the “Style I”
  • If you only use the palm centres, you will have the “Style II”
  • If you want to use both of them, you will have the “Style III”.

Check out our other fluffy trees if you like the style.

Happy mappings!

Our discord for feedback and worldbuilding chats:

Support & Commercial Use:


  1. Authorman

    I don’t see why anyone would purchase your assets with a CAL-NA-NC-NS license which limits this to only be usable for personal non-commercial use. Please change it to a CAL-NA-NCR, which will allow it to be used in commercial products.

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