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Our FREE Cyberpunk City Dungeondraft pack, containing 118 assets!
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The file size is too large for CA, so the GET button will link to our Patreon where you can download the FREE version for Free. 😀
This is the FREE version of our Cyberpunk Cities Pack for Dungeondraft. 
The free version contains 118 assets (paths/objects/patterns/etc..)
This pack contains: 
– 2 Terrains
– 1 Pattern
– 6 Paths 
– 109 Objects

This pack is a little unusual (at least in my experience) as it has been designed with the idea of making quick cities/districts in Dungeondraft. Naturally, it doesn’t have all the assets you’d want (Nature, Vehicles, Shadows) so I’d recommend using it in tandem with something else to fill in those missing pieces. The road assets have been centered in an unusual way to allow snapping to the edges of the grid. Each road lane is supposed to be 10ft, so one grid unit is 20ft.  The Buildings are quite large as they were made roughly to scale (some are so large it isn’t really a good idea (stadiums)). Dungeondraft has a max size of 128 x 128 meaning that at scale 1.0 you can have a city 780m^2. Not too large. However  this can be increased to 4 times the size (3.1km^2) by reducing the scale to 0.25 and all assets should still work flawlessly. You can go below that (0.1 scale) but then things get a little tricky and snap doesn’t quite work to fill in the gaps. 

A lot of the buildings here are Cyberpunky reskins of our City Pack buildings which can be found on our Patreon. This was done since this is a bit of an experimental pack and we wanted to see if it was possible to rescale old assets to this new standard. We’re very interested in opinions about this pack, so if you notice problems or have inquiries  or anything, please feel free to reach out. We’ll gladly oblige if we’re able. 

More PeaPu:
We plan on releasing many more packs and updates so if you want those as quick as possible, check us out: 
License: If you wish to use the items commercially, you have to be subscribed to our Patreon at the Boopsnessman Tier or higher.

If  you have any questions feel free to reach out!


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Our license is a little unique and to avoid confusion I would recommend you read it here on our Patreon Page. 
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You may use it commercially if you are subscribed to our Patreon at the Boopsnessman Tier.

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