Birdies Fantasy Expansion (450+ Objects) (non-comm...

Big 450+ Assets Pack expanding the magical flair of Dungeondraft’s default style
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BirdieMaps is back with a new HUGE Asset pack: 

Birdies Fantasy Expansion. 

All the stuff you need for your fantasy map. Many addition to previous content and all in the standard Cartoonish Style. 

Birdies Fantasy Expansion includes but is not limited to the three packs: 


Hell Terrains , lava- chasms, rocks and plants.

Wizards Lab:

Furniture, Alchemy Insturments, Scribing Tools and more.

Fighting the Underdark:

Modular Ariships for your Fleet, magical weapons, Terrains for the Underdark and more.

469 Assets in Total:

6 Lights

399 Objects

46 Paths

2 Patterns

13 Terrains

3 Walls


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