Anzhc’s Topographic Landscapes – Hilly...


Pack of hilly terrain 🙂
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This is not standalone pack!
Please, consider getting basic pack first, this one includes ONLY hilly terrain.

I felt like main pack was missing variety of land that is not mountainous and rocky, so here we are 😀

This pack includes:
40 patches of hilly terrain


Commercial license is here, if you need it

(Once again i was not able to fit them properly on 2k square canvas in 50% size ;-;)
(But at least that let me show how good they blend on to each other :3)
With both additional packs you can get up to almost 200 unique landscape patches(Soon i’ll cross that number :3).
–(Upd. It’s over 500 rn, in multiple variations and current process is couple steps ahead in quality :3)–


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Added color-friendly version
price increase: +0.5 euro


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