Skront’s Trees

Colorable trees similar to Dungeondraft’s native assets.


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If you’re tired of trees that don’t match the color scheme of your forest or you feel restricted by the variety in the core assets, these might solve your problem. Every object in this pack is colorable for maximum customization. There are various sizes of trees in coniferous and leafy styles, as well as trunks with optional leaves that are wide or windswept. I’ve also included some bushes, lots of branches, flowers, leaves, and some stranger trees that might populate harsher climates. There are big leaf patterns that match the bare trunks, each colorable, for places that might have gray trees with pink foliage, etc. The foliage and trunks are centered on each other and will line up correctly if you have snap on and don’t rotate them! There are options with just colorable leaves as well. Here’s a sample of some maps I made with these. 

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Please don't resell these assets! If you use them and would like to attribute them that's nice, but not required.

Commercial versions of some of my packs, this included, are shown on my shop page.


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7.2022: Update to V 1.5, adjusted shading and details on stumps and bare trunks, added a few more log objects. This pack will overwrite the previous one, so please make sure to save Version 1 elsewhere if you're going to work on old maps that use those assets! 

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