Theo’s Hut – Desert Rocks Pack One – Personal Use License


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Update – August 20 2021: If you’ve already purchased
the base set, please check out the updates. I’ve repacked the original
with updated tags / file names to help keep your asset library
organized. I’ve also included 57 new sandy / partial submerged rocks
that you can download for free. Thank you for your support!

you for checking out this set. This collection has lots of little
variations that make it great for scatter mode and reusability. You can
download the base set and sandy rocks separately or together as a
combined Dungeondraft pack.

Please let me know what you think.
Your feedback will greatly influence how I continue to design and
format future projects. Enjoy!

All updates and fixes are provided free forever.


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This personal use pack is released under a no-attribution, non-commercial license. This means:

For personal use, you can use, modify, and share these assets as much as you'd like - and you don't have to mention where you got them.

You can not use these assets, or any modified versions, in any project that you charge money for or use commercially.

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