Jungle Temple [60 x 70]

Ascend along the road to reach this towering Jungle Temple Download for Free at BBEB
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Once a bustling temple to some forgotten god, this ancient Ziggurat sits quietly abandoned atop a mountain. Overgrown with massive trees and abundant fauna, its imposing presence is complemented by calming, cascading waterfalls. The jungle has reclaimed much of the surrounding land, breaking through the smaller buildings and consuming them.

A lonely lodge sits at the bottom of the road leading to the temple, waiting to serve any on their way to the top

Due to file size limits, I can’t upload the properly sized map here, so you can download it for Free at BBEB


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License Type CAL-BY-AS
Posted by original creator Yes
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This map uses Crosshead's assets exclusively, and has been produced by the Big Bad Evil Brand.

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Assets used in Map

Various assets used from Crosshead

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[60 x 70]

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Map Style Fantasy, Top-down
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Mythkeeper Compatible

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