Full Spell List for D&D 5E

A D&D 5E spell list for Fantasia Archive.
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— UPDATE 09/15/2022 —
I have added in content that became available after the initial publish date. That includes content from Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, Strixhaven, and Icewind Dale.

I said I would put out a full spell list, and here it is! This project adds in all of the spells and cantrips that are currently in print books in Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition. The spells are organized into folders inside the Spells/Magical Groups section in Fantasia Archive, with each level of spell having its own folder. Each spell has a fully formatted document (although there were some tables that I was unable to implement, the spells that have those have a link to where you can find the table online) and the project comes with 8 tags, those being the 8 schools of magic. Once Elvanos (sole creator and owner of FA) releases a build with the capability to mass remove tags, I will make a new release with tagless versions of all of the projects contained herein.

There are two zip files that you can download, one containing the full spell list project itself (DnD Full Spell List) and the other containing each of the individual projects that have a specific level of spells (DnD Individual Spell Lists). Choose one or both, whatever you need. There are also versions that contain dunamancy, which is in a sort of middle ground of official and not official content. If you just want the full project with all of the spells (including dunamancy) grab the Full Spell List With Dunamancy file.

All of the content outside of the Dunamancy spells belongs entirely to Wizards of the Coast.

How to Use

Make sure you backup the project you’re working on by exporting beforehand!

once you have unzipped the file or files you want to use, while inside the project you want to add the spells to, use the “Merge” functionality (Project > Merge another project…) and then select the folder you are trying to add. As far as I know, you are currently unable to merge multiple projects at once, so start with one and then go from there.

Compatible with Fantasia Archive version 0.1.5a.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the program itself, please refer to the FA discord server (https://discord.gg/JQDBvsN9Te). If you have comments or questions about this file specifically, I can be found on there as @Cheesy.

A special thanks goes to DoctoProfo for being the first person to make a template project like this and because I based most of this description on their formatting. Make sure to check out their work as well!


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