FA Monster Manual

A D&D 5e Monster Manual for Fantasia Archive.
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This template for Fantasia Archive adds all 450 creatures of the D&D 5e Monster Manual to your project. Each creature will have fully HTML descriptions containing stat blocks, plus optional tags for creature type and challenge rating.


As always, backup any project you intend to make large changes to.

This zip file contains two folders: “With_Tags” and “Without_Tags”. Each of these contains one text file called “races.txt”.

While working in the project you wish to add this template to, use the “Merge” functionality (Project > Advanced Project Tools > Merge another project…) and select the folder to be added.

  • With_Tags – adds tags for challenge rating and creature type (humanoid, undead, etc.)
  • Without_Tags – omits tags (less cluttered hierarchy tree, possible performance improvement)

If you use the With_Tags version and experience performance issues, you may see better performance (and less clutter) with the Without_Tags version. If you decide you want to use the Without_Tags version instead, be sure not to add it to a project you already added the With_Tags version to, go back to the backup you should have made.

Compatible with Fantasia Archive version 0.1.7+


If you have any questions or comments, I recommend the FA discord server (https://discord.gg/JQDBvsN9Te), where you can find me as @DoctorProfessor.

Special thanks to ianjsikes for json-to-homebrewery and to trentm for markdown2, both of which were very helpful for generating formatted descriptions.


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