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  • Mazlo’s Forest Clusters #2 (commercial license)


    Mazlo’s Forest Clusters #2 (commercial license included)

    Finally got around to doing more forests! Happy little homes for your woodland creatures. These are mostly modular (just utilize layers if using Wonderdraft). These are pre-colored assets. I tried to design them for local regional maps as well as working decent for larger scale. You can still get some good detail using them up close too!

    184 Total Assets!

    • 4 Colors (you can always tweak the color in Photoshop)
    • 3 Variants – Scattered trees, full forests, and fillers (fillers don’t have any shadow outline).

    Due to the file size limitations of this site, a text file is provided in the Zip that contains a download link to the asset pack.

    Creator:  Mazlo CG2A
  • Mazlo’s Realistic Tree Clusters


    Realistic topographic tree clusters (modular with zero-edge fill symbols)

    Creator:  Mazlo CG2A