Welcome back!

Hello and welcome cartographers to the new version of CartographyAssets!

I know, I know, it’s been a while now, so I know you cannot wait any longer to download all your assets, so I’m keeping it short.

For the last couple of months, I have been working hard to update the platform to allow Creators to sell assets on the platform directly. Sadly that didn’t work out all that well on the platform we had, so I decided to completely rework the platform from the ground up. Something that took a lot of effort and time, but I am certainly proud of the result.

So, what has changed?
For starters, Creators can now sell assets directly on CA via the Creators Hub, a place where they can find and do everything they need in one place. Creators have a fully working ledger book, invoice system, statistics and more.

Please keep in mind that not all creators have checked their asset pages yet, some information may not be correct. If it looks like the page hasn’t been touched yet, contact the creator for license information.

But normal users also have a lot of new stuff, for example: there now is a brand new mobile version, a better search engine, our very own license system, a wishlist, place for maps, asset idea box and more! New filters will also be added later down the line, but we need to do a bit more work for that, so stay tuned!

I hope you all like the result and continue to use and support CartographyAssets in the same way you have been from the start. Thanks for everything and enjoy the amazing assets posted by the community!

To use your old account, simply reset your password.

If you find some bugs along the way, please report them to me over at Discord!

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