Early access! New front page!

Hello everybody! 

I’ve got a cool new something for you all! An early access to a reworked frontpage for CartographyAssets! You can use the link to access this brand new page. Keep in mind that it is still work in progress however. 

What’s new?!


When viewing the page you are presented with some cool statistics! All of them in real time! 😀 

Community Posts / Creator Blog

Yes thats right! We have a really nice place to showcase articles posted by creators now! 

Currently on sale

Back as its own separate section! Assets that are on sale are showcased in random order, so there is no way to really cheat the system. 

Picked by Patrons

This section showcases winners of the competitions that we are running on the website, the Theme of the Month for example! All of whom are, of course, picked by you, the patrons! 

Patron showcase

Before I add this new thing I wanted to know what you guys think of it! I want to thank you all publicly and showcase your names on the front page, but I can understand not everyone is excited to have their name on the front page of a website. Perhaps I could use avatars or just a first name or username? I’d love to hear what you all think of this! 

Not final

As you can probably tell, I am using AI generated images for some of the banners and backgrounds. I would love to use community artwork for this instead! Right now I am looking at adding those!

The large banner on top will also change!

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