A fan-made Wonderdraft item manager to help you manage your assets, themes and much more!

What does Mythkeeper do?

  • Install at least half-decently packed assets packed, themes, brushes, and even whole packages. Just load that ZIP and let the app do the rest for you!
  • Downloading any compatible items directly through Cartography assets via a built-in client!
    • We even allow non-compatible downloads for those brave enough – no guarantee it will work though!
  • Support for custom config file if the author packs it along: This means displaying teaser images, galleries, licenses and detailed info about your assets!
  • Showing how much space your assets actually take on your computer so you can keep a track!
  • Profile module – a new addition! Read more about it in the guides or directly inside the program.
  • Backup your assets so you turn on/off what will show in Wonderdraft without actually deleting anything.
  • Delete your assets/backups – so you can actually get rid of stuff! Don’t worry, the files aren’t really gone.
  • Restore your deleted assets via the re-install process in case you change your mind!
What was added/changed in this version?
  • Full installation support for assets, themes and even brushes – we even added support for Packs, so you can now install an unlimited amount of themes/assets/brushes in one big zip file as well!
  • Non-blocking actions – You can run multiple tasks at the same time and only the absolute minimum of items get locked out of the screen while you can happily keep doing what you need in the program.
  • A new task UI! We added a nice dropdown menu in the right top of the screen that shows all ongoing tasks and their % values; so you can keep a close eye on what is going on!
  • Real-time filters for the asset list that supports as many fields as we could squeeze in!
  • Custom user folder support! No longer are you bound to the default user folder when using Mythekeeper; we now fully support Wonderdraft’s custom user folder settings!
  • Profiles – A heavily requested feature for Wonderdraft has always been some kind of filtering so the program doesn’t have to load all assets at the same time and the asset list doesn’t have to be as long when browsing through
    • You called and we heard you! Mythkeeeper now supports Profiles – custom mini-user folders that can have any mixture of themes/brushes/assets inside of them, allowing users to set up specialized profiles with different map assets/themes/brush combinations for different types of work with Mythkeeper offering an extremely simple interface to swap between with mere two clicks.
  • Settings for the program! Considering yourself a pro and think you don’t need to see the long, newly added tooltips? You can disable them! The same goes for enabling expert mode and other settings!
  • Much fancier, smart and interactive guides
  • All features from the previous iteration of Mythkeeper! If you through this all comes at the cost of dropping some functionality from the previous version; think again – we are keeping all previous functionality perfectly preserved while adding new and building on top of it!