Arcane Turret

An Arcane Turret in various states of operation with three types of magical beam effects: fire, lightning and poison. It is powered by crystals which come in a padded iron lockbox.


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Arcane Turret (with power crystals)

This Dungeondraft asset was designed to perfectly fit in with the style of the default assets. 

Arcane Turret

The arcane turret is a legendary magical device created by an ancient and powerful seafaring race. A metallic brass spherical object that stands 4 feet in height, the sphere is 30-inches in diameter and sits on three legs in a tripod configuration that covers a 7-foot diameter area of a ships’ deck. At one end is the opening with a set of two convex lenses to focus the emitted crystal beam. It is powered by inserting a special power crystal in the slot on the back which is surrounded by magical glyphs. When the crystal is inserted the glyphs will begin to glow as it charges the device. A spoken command will trigger the device to fire the beam that corresponds to the colour of the power crystal.

  • There are 7 turret images for each of the states: powered off, powered red, firing red, powered blue, firing blue, powered green, firing green
Padded Iron Lockbox with Crystals

The iron lockbox contains soft padding on which lay the three power crystals. 

  • There are three types of magical beams based off the three coloured crystals (Red, Green, Blue).
  • The beams are: red for fire, green for poison or acid, and blue for lightning.
  • The asset contains 8 images of the iron lockbox with the various crystal configurations inside, including one with it open and empty.

A special shoutout and credit to my twelve year old daughter who provided the image of the crystals.

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  1. Gimmie Pig

    Cool concept and nice execution; thanks for sharing!! And shout out to your kiddo – Nice!!

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