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Alien RPG Schematics


Computer Schematic Map Assets in the Alien RPG sourcebook style



“We’re in some real pretty shit now man!”

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This asset pack comes with:

4 different floor tilesets

2 different wall styles

Several never-before-seen map icons: Science Lab, Latrines, Air Traffic Control Tower, Recycling Center, Gym, Bar, Restaurant, and Oxygen Scrubbers. Additionally, this asset pack contains all the icons recreated by me from the sourcebooks (un-official recreations. These can be had for free by themselves in an asset pack on my patreon page, but are included here for convenience)

A material for acid burns through the floor

A path for ducting layouts, as well as a duct junction square

A space background just like the sourcebooks

I am new to the world of content creation and am just now trying to get my Patreon off the ground, so please excuse my noob-ness at figuring out these platforms for getting my creations to you- I am learning more each day!

License information

CC-BY 4.0
The licence for this work is: CC-BY. That means share things you make with it all you like, and give proper credit for it.

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Mythkeeper compatible


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