Hyraemous Family Atlas


Atlas made by Hyraemous#8364 to simulate the real world with a fantasy map and fantasy countries.


This is the Hyraemous Atlas, a map of various countries made in my own world, like Hiramia-Okfew, Tiza, Pedotabia, among others. You might have seen it at the #showcase portion of the Azgaar FMG discord. This zip folder should contain an updated version of the map.

In my world, this takes place during 2026 and has two superpowers vying for influence in the Hyraemous world, Hiramia-Okfew and Hiram Land, with Logurdia, Kapten and Aniania as semi-superpowers.


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License Notes If you plan to release an edited version of the map, it would be nice to credit me or Hyraemous#8364 (also me, but on Discord), but you don't have to if you want.
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