Bots Blurry Mode


Darkens the ocean and adds a slight blur to some of the assets.

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I adjusted the color of the ocean to provide a darker feel, as well as adjusted the style of some of the assets (biomes, cultures etc.) to provide a non-blocky and non-solid look.

To install is simple and the same for both the desktop and browser app.

1) Download the .json file.
2) Open/Run the Azgaar Generator.
3) Open the styles menu.
4) Click the + next to the style preset.
5) Click the ‘Open’ icon (3rd icon from the left in the style saver).
6) Navigate to the .json file previously downloaded and click Open.
7) Give it a name and click the ‘Save’ icon (1st icon in the style saver).

To apply the style, you will have to select a different style first, then re-select the new style.

Please see the picture for an example.

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