Continent of Lakes


Basically, generates a lot of lakes (Most of the time)!


As the title implies, this template generates a lot of lakes!
Though it create a ton of lakes at higher points like this:

[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”1738″]1738[/ATTACH]

it may only create one or two at lower points:

[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”1743″]1743[/ATTACH]

But it tries it’s best! Also, if it fails to create a lake (At any point number), it’ll come out as an inland sea:

[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”1741″]1741[/ATTACH]

In rare cases, it may not create that many lakes, instead it’ll create an entire archipelago!

[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”1742″]1742[/ATTACH]

Eh, that’s all I have to say. I hope y’all enjoy the template!


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