Vischer – KM Alexander


A 957 Symbol Pack for Fantasy Maps


Vischer Symbols:
Mountains – 210
Symbols – 563
Trees – 184

NOTE: KM Alexander Symbol Set 12 of 14
I’ve broken down the former Mega Pack into the individual brush packs for easier manageability, as well as adding an additional 2,000 symbols. I’ve also made sure they are now Mythkeeper compatible.
Here are the links to the collection:


These symbols come courtesy of K.M. Alexander who released these for free via multiple Photoshop Brush sets. I’ve taken them and converted them to .png files both with and without backgrounds to give you options.

How you might use the different sets:

    [*]Without Background – If you don’t plan on overlapping symbols and want the underlying map texture to show through the symbols
    [*]With Background – if you plan on overlapping symbols and/or would like the sample_color option.


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License Notes K.M. Alexander has released his brush sets via the CC-BY 4.0 license and so I have also made these freely available to everyone to use how they wish, including for commercial work. If you appreciate K.M. Alexander's brushes (and thus these derivatives) and want to support him, please consider checking out his books.
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