Isometric Houses [WIP]


Isometric buildings, packed to work well with the ‘shuffle’ feature of Wonderdraft


Along with Wonderdraft I bought the “Premium Buildings” package and while I do quite like that, I think it has some flaws that I try to improve upon:

A: They are not well packed to work with the shuffle feature. If you tried it, you’d end up with random castles, cathedrals and portals all over your fishing village.

B: It doesn’t provide sprites for working or lower class houses, so I had a problem putting the same kind of house all over my town, from the innermost circle of the wealth to the slums on the outside.

I tried improve on those with 6 new houses, 3 one-storey ones and 3 two-storey ones, that are packed in individual sets so you can shuffle them all over the place.

They are not exactly HiRes, but at the low scaling those sprites are normally placed, it will not be visible at all (especially if you place lots of them close together).

WIP: This set is definitely work-in-progress. I’m doing my best to expand on them, adding new houses as I go (I think I’ll do thatch-roofed houses next) and improving the existing resolution.

Please leave feedback if you think I can improve something and of course also if you like the pack.


  1. Mous (verified owner)

    Really good ! i love it,
    He match very well with the “Radiacor’s Castles & Walls 2” assets

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