Deluxe Castle Asset Pack

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Create your own castle themed battle maps with this Deluxe Castle Asset Pack for Dunegondraft. Includes over 57 hand drawn assets!
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Have custom castle battle maps ready for your gaming table with this Deluxe Castle Asset Pack from Maelstrom Maps!

With over 57 hand drawn castle themed assets, this pack was designed to help you create the perfect setting for your adventure.

This Pack Contains

  • 4 barrels
  • 4 crates
  • book
  • 2 candles
  • 1 candle stick
  • 2 chairs (1 custom colorable)
  • 2 sofas (custom colorable)
  • cup
  • desk
  • flowerpot (custom colorable)
  • ink and quill
  • 3 long rugs (custom colorable)
  • 3 square rugs (custom colorable)
  • bed (custom colorable)
  • 2 stacks of paper
  • 1 scroll (custom colorable)
  • 2 pillars
  • 1 small round table
  • plate setting
  • spiral staircase
  • 4 staircases of differing sizes
  • 3 long tables
  • 1 square table
  • wardrobe
  • wall torch
  • lantern
  • 8 cobwebs

3 types of castle walls

2 types of stone floor

1 parapet path


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