Narsilium’s Namebase Pack (700+ languages)


Includes the Middle Earth(ish), Place name and First & Surnames namebases. Being a total of 724 namebases, this is the best option if you want to have all of them in one place.
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Middle Earth(ish) namebase – Includes 40 individual namebases. Some of the many included are the Quenya, Teleri, Sindarin, Haradric, Easterling and Hobbitish namebases.

First and Surnames namebase – Includes 441 individual namebases like the Yiddish, Ukrainian, British, West Frisian, Romanian and Tagalog ones.

Place Names namebase – Includes 243 individual namebases like the Aboriginal, Altaic, Germanic, Latin, Slavic and Nordic languages.

Inspired by the works of Linguistics Inc, Dardamuth, Croborn, Lunii Maps, FishBugs, AS Mapping, NewMar, Kyo, EP, Wormfodder Dlivery Service, Something, Manji and pretty much every other namebase creator.

Sources & websites used for getting & extracting the names:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (expired security certificate, please be careful when visiting it as for now) and


  1. dardamuth

    Awesome ! Though one thing I remarked was that Occitan was labeled as an Oïl language whilst Oïl languages were named in opposition with Oc languages (hence Occitan)

  2. Narsilium

    dardamuth Sorry for the late reply, that’s because when I initially made the namebase I named them after CK3 cultures (taken form the Crusader Kings III wiki) as that was the original purpose of the namebase. After I decided to expand the namebase beyond that I started to renaming them to classify the language families. I’m pretty sure I forgot to rename the other Oïl languages, that’s why they’re classified as romance meanwhile Occitan is classified as Oïl. Greek and Classical Armenian used to be classified as “Byzantine” languages which they obviously aren’t, as they are definitely not from the same language family.

    Thanks for letting me know.

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How to Install

Download the file, go, menu > tools > namesbase > 5th icon to the right.