Lapis: Rock Formations (Commercial)


Hi-res rock formations, including sugarloaf mountains, inselbergs, volcanic plugs, and tors!
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Use these attractive, hand-drawn assets to add character to your map’s terrain. It includes sugarloaf mountains, inselbergs, volcanic plugs, and tors (stacks and arches), which can work in a variety of environments. These stamps are larger than standard—great for working at print resolution—and rendered in professional quality digital pencils. This is the commercial license! If you only want to use it for personal work, please see the non-commercial license version!

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This product has a custom license equivalent to CAL-BY-NCR-NS (Attribution required, commercial use allowed [no reselling], modifications cannot be shared).

This license allows the user to use content from the asset pack for commercial use in their user content. It is allowed to make modifications to the asset pack contents, but the user is not allowed to share the modified content. Commercial use of base assets is allowed, but reselling of content (modified and base items) in any way is forbidden. The user is required to mention the creator in a reasonable manner when publicly sharing commercial work, e.g. in a portfolio, on social media, etc.

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