Middle Earth(ish) Namebase


Non-canon namebase inspired by Tolkien’s Middle Earth.
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Names are taken from multiple sources, mostly LOTR wikis including The Notion Club Archives and then put into ChatGPT. ChatGPT is asked to either put the names into a fitting format or try to come up with new names in the same style. So bear in mind that this is not supposed to completely similar to the style of the actual names Tolkien used. For some reason the website keeps multiplying the amount of bases so it may be a little bit harder to find all the names, but it should still work like it’s supposed to.

All 25 available bases are as of the 14th of September 2023: Eastron, Adûnaic, Haradric, Sindarin, Rohirric, Dunlendic, Dale, Ñoldorin Quenya, Valarin, Drúedain, Entish, Jotunn, Blackspeech, Hillman, Old Gondorian, Avarin, Orcish, Shire, Westron, Khuzdul, Beorning, Khandic, Nandorin, Edain and Lossoth.

All credit goes to fantasynamegenerators.com, notionclubarchives.fandom.com, lotr.fandom.com, basicroleplaying.net, chat.openai.com, tolkiengateway.net and of course, Tolkien and his son Christian themselves.


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9/3 2023 Update - Fixed the Valar base to make it more similar to the real ones.

9/4 Update - Added Westron, Druédain and Lossoth to the namebase. Reworked the Númenórean names due to some feeling too far away compared to the actual ones, but the old base is still available. Sorry for all the updates, i'm just trying to fix some past mistakes I made during the making of the namebase. 

9/5 Update - Last update for a while, added Beorning base and a Rohirric base focused on town names, as the other one works better as a name generator. (9/6 Edit: So I apparently downloaded the namebase but forgot to upload it here, i'm sorry.)

9/9 Update - Changed the names for some of the bases (the titles, not the names inside) Added a base for Dunlending place names. Added spaces between more words in some of the bases to include a bigger amount of two word names. (9/11 Info Update - From this day on, I will make newer versions of some of the bases to reduce the amounts of duplicates in them. The reason for that is because from what i've seen some of the names are heavily influenced by the duplicates, and some bases have up to 9 copies per duplicate.)

9/12 Update - Added renewed Khandic, Eastron, Old Entish and Valarin bases since those had way too many duplicates which changed the way the names were made. I didn't change the Jotunn one since there's barely any source material except like three names, rendering it the least similar to how names/words in Arda usually sound. I could try again and make a new Jotunn base too, if y'all really want one.

9/13 Update - Added renewed Orcish/Blackspeech, Quenya, Sindar(in) Âdunaic and Haradric bases & updated the Westron & Lossoth & Dale & Rohirric bases so that they no longer have duplicates. Had to change the names of the renewed ones since I had to keep the old bases in case anything went wrong & if people prefer them over the new ones.

9/14 Update - Removed duplicates from the Khuzdul, Beorning, Druédain and Rohirric Place Names bases & added some new words to balance it out. Changed & "corrected" some of the base names to avoid confusion. 

9/15 Update - For some reason I forgot to save the bases causing the new ones to become lost, I remade them and now they should be there. Added a Shire base for first/mid/sur names. It is very hard to balance out the Beorning names since they speak some form of Adûnaic, but there's not a single word in that variant of the language. The names for the Beorning themselves appear to be similar to Northmen names (Dalish, Rohirric names etc), so finding or blending names of that kind could work, but for now it will remain Rohirric-like.

9/16 Update - Added base for Hillmen (Rhovanion, Angmar), fixed the names of two namebases, Sindar and Westron.

9/20 Update - Added Old Gondorian (can be used as an alternative to Jotunn since the existing ones may have been based off Daenael & Old Gondorian) and Avarin bases. 

9/28 Update - Added Avarin, Nandorin and Edain bases. Remaede the Shire base. Removed some orcish names from the Blackspeech namebase so that as many actual Blackspeech names as possible are there. 


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