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I have designed a collection of NPCs which can be used in your games. These tokens have been designed originally to be teachers in a magical highschool, but feel free to use them in whatever way you want. The asset pack included is designed for Dungeondraft use but should be useable by 3rd party mapping softwares. This pack also includes 2 Designed pages of the Teacher Roster to share with your players in game.  A handy “Guess Who” Sheet, to help your players remember who is who. Thank you for all of your support so far with all of my assets. I thought I would try something new and see what you all think! Let me know if you want...
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A List
of the Teachers in Hydra High


Molo Freudheard, A pale blue skinned, very muscular Goliath
woman with icy blue crystals protruding from her skin.


Judye Quickwhisker, Halfelf (half albino tabaxi, half cave elf) lady, dressed in a
classic magician’s outfit with a top hat and magic wand. A big performer.


Eia Glaw, 3 eyed raven Kenku woman who talks in sharp
whispers and wears a set of magical glasses with 3 lenses that interchange with
additional lens.


Abaanni Brow, a midnight blue non binary firbolg with red
eyes.  Very tall with a shaved head.
Rumours going around the school say that they used to be a spy for the
Checkered Court. A group of nameless assassins, thieves and spies. Kind of like
the Illuminati.


Geralt Kindleson, a dwarf genasi with a bald head and beard
and eyebrows made of fire.  His is the
epitome of “hot headed”.  When he Really loses
his temper, an Afro of wild billowing fire explodes from his bald head.


Drake Gloomkiss, A half elf (half elf, half warforged) whose
head is half made of glass, containing his brain and he has one eyeball, and
the bottom half of his face is still intact. He has a humanoid mouth that over
pronounces each and every word, as if he is really thinking about it.


Jessy Seuss, Jesus-like hippie human man in a beanie with
gold teeth and silver hair.

Health and Safety:

Interchangeable teachers: No Skin Edward & Drake

General study of the Natural Magical World:

Etto Magnolium, Mossy Green haired Firbolg with tight corn
braids.  Very down to Earth and calm.

-Magical animals/creatures:

Etto Magnolium

-plant and fungi (botany)

Serratia Stormind, A blind grey tiefling woman with flecks
of neon pink bits of fungus across her skin like freckles or moles.  Dusty purple mohawk.


Auron Crysamta, A human man who just really fucking loves
crystals and plants. Has a fiery full, wholesome laugh. Blonde long hair tied
into a bun and a well-groomed beard.


“The Immortal Devil”, Möbius Goothengaw, a black tiefling
man with bright white eyes.  Very calm
and comes across as somewhat sinister but knows almost everything there is to
know about the history of Gostar. And can be seen at lunch sipping tea and
reading in the sun by the cherry blossom lake.


A very lively and enthusiastic halfing with a strong Irish
accent.  He talks about the gods like a
child would talk about superheroes.  He
has jet black hair which is slicked back and slowly comes undone throughout the
class as he becomes more and more animated. 
He looks like a halfling Gomez Addams.


Balthazar Kingstone, a black dragon born. Very brooding but
takes necromancy very seriously and helps everyone understand how traumatic it
can be for a soul to be forced back into a body.

Magical Invention

Tetris Grenadine, a cheeky hobgoblin woman with a lot of
spring in her step but someone who has no time for slackers.  She gets very excited when she sees someone
with a lot of creative or intellectual potential. She is an incredibly biased
teacher who will not help anyone who is falling behind.


 A giant Kua-Toa with
some very tiny limbs and some huge ones. 
An old mutated blob of a thing. Can be occasionally caught mixing and
drinking random potions when he has a free class

Magical Combat

Xi, a sea elf, ex-navy captain and some say he was also a
pirate. He is tough, blunt but an excellent tactician and is incredibly
sharp.  He’s a Bladesinger.

“Advanced Magical Study”

Guest speakers (not included):

as Brian the Chronomancing Tortle and Haggis Timberfist, who talks about Spellweaving.


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