Artsy’s Fancy Compass Symbol Pack


This pack contains 5 free HD compass roses assets forWonderdraft and other map-making software. The styles are Elven, Dwarven, Baroque,Medieval, and Victorian. Moreover, they’re easy to use, customizable, and, ofcourse completely free! If you like the assets, be sure to leave your review orfeedback.
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 Spruce up your maps with these compass roses and make them
stand out from the crowd. It’s like giving your maps a fancy makeover, making
them cooler and more interesting. Tested to work perfectly with Wanderdraft but the pack is also compatible for use in other mapping software. 

They come in different cool styles like Elven, Dwarven,
Baroque, Medieval, and Victorian – adding a unique vibe to your maps. Each of
these compass roses is super detailed and looks great on your maps because
they’re high-res.

So why wait? Give your maps a fresh new look with these
awesome compass designs today!


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These assets fall under Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. This license allows
others to use, remix, and build upon the content as long as they give credit to
the original author(s), do not use the content for commercial purposes without
the express permission of the original authors(s), and license any new
creations under the same terms.

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Map Style Fantasy, Regional Map
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Verified to Work With Wonderdraft
Mythkeeper Compatible

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How to Install

·      Open Wonderdraft and go to the main menu.

·      Click "Settings," then "User

·      In the "User Folder," open

·      Copy the extracted files into

·      Restart Wonderdraft for new assets to work in
your maps.