Dark Future – Mega-Train, engine and eleven ...


This is my Dark Future campaign “Mega Train”, consisting of an engine and eleven carriages. It was based on one of de-Zigner’s train maps. There is an engine and eleven carriages, including the caboose. It was built in DungeonDraft using de-Zigner’s assets.
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The train and carriages were inspired by de-Zigner who released some train maps, and of course the film and TV series about a train going through a world of ice and snow.

I started off by recreating de-Zigner‘s car in DungeonDraft, as closely as I could using his assets.

de-Zigner has released a number of other carriages which these are compatible with.

I stopped at eleven carriages, but there may be more…

Please visit de-Zigner’s page at https://www.patreon.com/deZigner/posts

This map was played through by my Wrath and Glory players, who solved the mystery, killed the villein and will end up in jail next game for doing it! The train starts off at my station map.


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Assets by de-Zigner, please visit his Patreon page. He also releases brilliant assets which I used with this map

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