Bruu Brunellis – Nature Pack for Wonderdraft

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66 different nature assets, from hills, mountains and dunes to a variety of trees, such as Alders, Olive trees, Cypress, Oaks and more!
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Meet the Nature Assets by Bruu Brunellis.

This pack contains 66 different nature assets, from hillsmountains and dunes to a variety of trees, such as Alders, Olive trees, Cypress, Oaks and more!

Embellish your creations with all these detailed assets, that come in both in colored and paintable options.

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Installation Guide

It is a very simple process to install. First locate your Wonderdraft user folder, by following these paths depending on your operating system:

  • Windows:  C:UsersAppDataRoamingWonderdraftassets 
  • MacOS:   /Users//Library/Application Support/Wonderdraft/assets/ 
  • Linux:  /home//.local/share/Wonderdraft/assets/

Then, create an assets folder, in case the folder isn’t already there. Then, decompress the .zip file in that folder. All done!


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