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Behold my new pack, which contains all the items a noble household might need. From a luxurious bed to a sophisticated sofa, and even a live cheetah, my pack has it all.
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Noble Needs

No more shall your royal quarters suffer from a lack of style. Your lord Farquart shall enjoy only the finest cloth your lands have to offer. In this months megapack you will receive the following:

Beds! Chairs! Tables! Sofas! Bathtubs! Live Animals! A RUBBER DUCK! A Piano!

With so much luxury your castles, manors or houses will surely become a target for that Rogue PC! 


Commercial License : CAL NA NRB

These assets can be used for personal and commercial use. They cannot be resold as initially bought.

A more in-depth explanation can be found inside the archive of the pack.



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