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HI everyone!

This pack contains a set of street tiles, so
cou can build a basic layout pretty fast and decorate it with
buildings, cars and other stuff from the pack.

The pack includes a dungeondraft.pack file as well as the individual .pngs.

DungeonQuill is a fast growing
library of over 29.000 battlemap scale assets. I generally release three
packs per month plus one patron commissioned pack. Each pack is
formatted for use in Dungeondraft and contains the individual .png files
as well. At the beginning of each month, all released packs are bundled
together in a Masterpack, containing all assets I have created so far.

you like my work and want to gain instant access to a whole bunch of
assets, have a look at sketches and previews, participate in polls to
decide new packs and (at the hightest tier) even order one custom asset
per month, you can support me at patreon, following this link:

you have any questions, critique or want to discuss commissions, feel
free to contact me via reddit, on my patreon or via discord.

Thanks and have fun mapping!


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