DAIA’S CZER PRISON MAP – A three level...


An Exploration map of an abandoned Prison with complex architecture for your players to explore.
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Hey Mapmakers!

Daia here, this time with a ready to play exploration map.

Welcome to Czer Prison, an old fort turned to hell for the most cruel and devious criminals in all the land. Or at least that’s what it once was, before the prison was abandoned for mysterious reasons, the cause left for the twisted mind of your GM do decide.
Let your players explore the dirty, dim and damp of this three leveled structure, with multiple rooms and corners for you hide terrifying encounters.

What’s included?

This pack comes with a total of 9 .png images, in a 3508 x 2480 pixel resolution and A4 Paper size (easy printing)

The prison has three levels (Ground Floor, Upper Floor and Dungeon). Each of these floors comes in 3 configurations: Regular (with location markers, text and grid), Gridless (with location markers and text, but no grid) and Clean (just the prion image, without text and grid).


Want to leave a comment, suggestion, complaints or compliments? Contact me at felipe.daia.leao@gmail.com

Commercial Use Allowed

Under the CAL-NA-NRB, this license allows the user to use content from the asset pack for commercial use in their user content. It is also allowed to make and share modifications and to resell modifications, reselling of base items is not allowed. The user is not required to mention the creator.

Mention of me is welcomed but not required. Just point anyone my way if they seem interested, it helps more than you imagine 🙂


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3508 x 2480 pixel resolution and A4 Paper size

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