PeaPu’s Sci-Fi City – Spaceships 1 FULL


504 sci-Fi assets for making your own spaceships!
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This pack contains 504 assets:
– 463 Objects (Colorables / variations included)
– 12 Paths
– 21 Patterns
– 1 Terrain
-4 Lights
– 3 Walls

This pack was created as a result of a bimonthly discord poll we do for our Patrons, the theme itself was supposed to be Capital ships – very very big spaceships. However, as the pack was created things morphed in a certain direction. As a result, about 90% of the assets in this pack work seamlessly as both battlemap assets (5ft per 256px) and city assets (20ft per 256px). Hopefully, this odd little pack proves useful to you ship lovers there. 
When making this pack I’ve realized the need to create a PeaPu_Basics pack that will contain shadows, linework and other simple things. Since building a ship hull highly relies on tools like that. 

More PeaPu:
We plan on releasing many more packs and updates so if you want those as quick as possible , vote for which packs get released next or wish to support our continued work, check us out at:

License: If you wish to use the items commercially, you have to be subscribed to our Patreon at the Tiers which allow for commercial usage (e.g. Boopnessman Tier). 
For the full license info please read this.

If  you have any questions feel free to reach out, we’re always active on the CartographyAssets Discord!


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Our license is a little unique and to avoid confusion I would recommend you read it here on our Patreon Page. 

Personal use only.
You may use it commercially if you are subscribed to our Patreon at the tiers which allow commercial usage (e.g. Boopnessman Tier).

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