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A collection of 145 hand-drawn (colorable) shields and 19 hand-drawn emblems to use in any map. 
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Colorable Shields & Emblems

This asset pack contains a collection of 145 hand-drawn shields and 19 emblems that can be colored in using software such as Wonderdraft or Photoshop. The pack includes a range of shield types, such as Eared-Top French Base Shield, French Style Shield, Heater Shield, Iberian Shield, Kite Shield, Lozenge Shield, Norman Shield, Oval Shield, Square Eared Nicked Top Rounded Base Shield, Square Shield, Two Engrailed Top Shield, and Wedge Shield.

Moreover, the shields come in various variants, including Barry, Barry (3 colors), Fess, Pale, Per Bend, Per Fess, Per Pale, Quarterly, Quarterly (3 colors + white), Tiered Per Fess, and Tiered Per Pale.

Apart from the shields, the pack also includes a variety of emblems like lions, birds, flags, flowers, suns, crowns, spears, swords, circles, triangles, squares, flames, drops of water (or blood), animal heads, antlers, wizard hats, magic staffs, chained balls, and hands.

These shields and emblems are versatile and can be used to represent various entities like kingdoms, armies, battlefields, generals, towns, landmarks, etc. Additionally, this pack can be combined with other packs in the Point of Interest series.


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1.1 Update

[Fixed] Issues where shields and emblems were not colorable has been fixed. (be aware that the folder structure has changed. Already placed shields or emblems will no longer work)


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