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A nearby river has mostly dried up, causing the town to look for adventurers to go and investigate. Upon getting deeper into the woods, the cause becomes apparent; some beavers have taken up residence here. This particular pond looks like a secondary pond as it’s fairly small, but it’s still holding back a significant amount of water. The nearby beavers likely won’t attack..that is, so long as the dire beavers aren’t nearby….
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In this encounter map there are plenty of obstacles to be found. Tree
stumps and knocked down trees litter the ground, making it difficult to
move around on the mushy, swampy grass surrounding the pond. The beaver
house near the center of the pond is sturdy enough to hold up a medium
creature for a few rounds before it starts to become unstable and break
apart. The dam is sturdy enough to walk along the top without too much
difficulty. If the damn is broken in any place it will begin to tear
itself apart as the water pours out.

Should anyone get caught in
the water at this point, they will be dragged through the jagged
branches and rocks as they wash up downstream.


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Created with Dungeondraft, using assets from CrossheadStudios, used with permission.

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Created with Dungeondraft, using assets from CrossheadStudios, used with permission.

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