18 Symbols of Houses and Barns for Medieval Villages and Towns.
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Hey Mapmakers!

Some of you might notice I already have a Village Pack 1. Thing is, I made that one so long ago, I was a completely different artist. I now settled on my art style, with a better workflow and set up to make these symbols prettier. The thing I evolved in the most definitely is the scaling and perspective of the buildings, making it so the structures in my packs work better with one another.

So, I figured it was about time I remade my early packs to reflect on the current me, and to make a better product to you all.

This Pack contains 18 symbols on rustic medieval buildings, with a diversity of regular houses and a few barns.

Symbols have all been digitally hand drawn in old-pen style. They are scaled and positioned appropriately and fit well with my other packs.

Made specially for Wonderdraft’s Paper theme, but works well with other themes too.

Other symbols used in the example images are Wonderdraft’s default symbols.

How to Install

Manual Installation

1. Unzip the zipped file into an empty folder.

2. Find your Wonderdraft custom assets and themes folder, you can find it inside of Wonderdraft in the Menu>Preferences>General>Assests and Theme Directory.

3. This will take you to the “assets” folder. Copy and paste the Daia Pack you unziped into that folder.

Installing with Mythkeeper

Inside Mythkeeper, find the “Install from Local File” button on the top left. Select the Daia Maps zip you downloaded and click open. Mythkeeper will do the rest.


Want to leave a comment, suggestion, complaints or compliments? Contact me at felipe.daia.leao@gmail.com

Commercial Use Allowed

Under the CAL-NA-NRB, this license allows the user to use content from the asset pack for commercial use in their user content. It is also allowed to make and share modifications and to resell modifications, reselling of base items is not allowed. The user is not required to mention the creator.

Mention of me is welcomed but not required. Just point anyone my way if they seem interested, it helps more than you imagine 🙂


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