Ti’s Mountain Civilization Art Deco City Bad...


25 Art Deco Sci-Fi Mountain Civilization City Markers for Wonderdraft
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Sci-Fi Mountain City badges for Wonderdraft and Other World Mapper. Stay tuned for more asset packs in this sci-fi art deco vector front-on city badge style!

Wonderdraft Sci-Fi Mountain Domed Cities

Install by placing in your Wonderdraft assets folder. Includes 25 fixed color versions and 75 different colorable versions (with colorable lineart, without colorable lineart, etc) that use the red blue green channels.

Other World Mapper and Generic Sci-Fi Mountain Dome Cities

Install by using the image manager in the program or place the .png pack inside of Other World Mapper / Features / Feed the Multiverse / Mountain Civilization / .png files. This only includes the 25 fixed color versions. Or upload to a virtual tabletop of your choice.

If you want the ones that are black lineart with red flat coloring, you can grab those from the Wonderdraft pack nested inside of sprites / symbols / Mountain Civilization Colorable 3, though the other colorable versions have the red/blue/green channels and look pretty bad for non-Wonderdraft use.


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