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Mazlo’s Topographic Mountains #3 (commercial license)

Mazlo’s Topographic Mountains (commercial license included)

This pack includes 30 realistic topographical mountains. Simply place and paint underneath them (or use my awesome land texture tile packs to color beneath them!)


So I realized it’s been a LONG time since I did any original topographic mountains (and I think I only posted my sample pack here). A lot of features and methods have changed since the last pack, resulting in MUCH better quality mountains…so, this is long overdue! This pack actually matches the quality found in the “Big Ranges” packs.. Because of this, these are much more modular and you can easily make your own BIG ranges with them. Yup, more versatility = MORE better!

Hope you like!


How To Color

Coloring is the hardest part with using these assets. Although they do look great simply with a sepia tone map, coloring them can add so much detail!

If you’re using Wonderdraft, here’s a link to an amazing coloring guide by Maiherpri – Maiherpri’s Guide to Coloring Top-Down Style Assets!

If you use Photoshop, I’ve made a set of Land Texture Tiles that you can use along with Layer Masks to make your realism pop!

Land Texture Tile Pack – Grab it at

Land Texture Tile Pack Tutorial (Video tutorial on how to use the textures with Layer Masks in Photoshop)

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This purchase includes a commercial license. This means you can use the assets for your personal AND commercial projects (ie: sell the maps you make with them) without needing to attribute the source (although you can if you like).

What you cannot do is redistribute these assets/brushes in any form: in whole, in part, edited, combined, recolored, etc.

Thank you for your support! It's much appreciated.



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