Swirling Vortex of Terror [90 x 90] [Phased]

An eight phased floating island above a massive vortex of water
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The way this map works in my mind is that every couple of rounds, an outside layer falls away at the beginning of the round. Anyone caught in an area that would fall away may move up to their speed to get to solid ground, otherwise they fall to their death, even if they can fly (magic OP).

To initially spawn in, either have the DM or Player decide which Blue portal they’d like to spawn at, and then which of the three surrounding plaftorms they would appear on. Alternatively, you can roll 1d8 and go clockwise from the top left, to determine which portal the player spawns at. Players may travel between portals of the same color without taking an action, simply touching the portal instantly transports them, and their turn / movement can continue.

The winner is the last one or team standing and able to enter the portal during Stage 7


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This uses assets from CrossheadStudios, with permission. It also uses some cloud / lightning assets from ApprenticeOfAule

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90 x 90

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Map Style Fantasy, Top-down
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Mythkeeper Compatible

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