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A nice addition to add to your Sci-fi Collection! This Medbay Pack has some color variations and funiture to get a start on  your scifi adventures. Modern looking aesthetics with warm colors! Enjoy! 


  1. Amanda Morrow

    I was looking forward to testing this pack out and seeing if it meshed with my other packs- but this DD pack (and only this one of the 3 free offered) breaks the asset interface and can’t be loaded.

  2. René Söhnholz

    Also no working for me and is does not meshed with other packs, because i disabled all mine. Something is happening in Dungeondraft after you click on the pack to activated it and the preview of the pack is showing, something broke you cant click on “accept” or any other button to confirm the packs you are selected even if you deselect it again.

  3. René Söhnholz

    edit* I fixed it.
    You have to drag the “Custom Assets Window” where you select your packs a bit bigger, because of some reason if the preview picture is bigger then the window itself its kinda messing with Dungeondraft and you cant select any buttons in the window anymore.

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