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  1. jcklemme

    You can’t download it. It’s free, but there’s no download button. Probably less an indictment of this particular item, and more of an issues with
    This website is unfortunately borderline-unusable and often reminds me of 1999 when I had dial-up internet and websites would just break constantly. Having to refresh every single time you want to change how the listed options is sorted is frustrating.
    I will 100% not spend money here, which is a shame since there’s some stuff I want to buy. I wish it was hosted literally anywhere else as I have no confidence that CartographyAssets is someone I should trust with my CC info based on what I see with this site.

    • Nexoness

      Hi there Jcklemme!

      My apologies about the exceptionally late reply to your comment. I must have overlooked it!
      In regards to your concerns: I have recently moved to a dedicated and faster host. The reason the button wasnt showing was because the sale price was lower than the regular price and the the code i used to protect paid assets prevented it from showing the download button. This issue is now fixed thanks to your comment. I truly hope you can give my website another chance!

      Kind regards,
      Ruben / Nexoness (CartographyAssets)

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