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White Fox Works is a diverse asset library, with over 14,000 assets but still growing. This pack is a free sample of the full library if you want to try it out.
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White Fox Works is a diverse asset library, with over 14,000 assets but still growing. Each month, three new themed packs are released, based on votes from the community.
This pack is a free sample of the full library, containing the following:

– 150+ classic assets

– 20 colorable assets

– 3 lights

– 3 paths

– 3 patterns

– 2 portals

– 1 roof

– 3 terrains

– 2 walls

We are happy to share it with you so you can test it out for yourself 🙂

If you’re interested in more assets, you can get the whole library of 14000+ assets converted for Dungeondraft on Patreon, for any subscription tier:

You can also find a list of the png packs, free and paid (but not in DD format) here:

If you have any question or feedback, feel free to come hang with us on Discord 🙂


White Fox Works is a very small personal business, owned and operated by May (Sunless), who is helped on some tasks by Alexis (Moulk). They create virtual assets for use in tabletop game maps, and offer a free asset each month for their highest tier supporters, which can be any custom asset of their choice within reason. 

Presently, the ruling for use of their assets in maps that are paid for is as follows; Ensure you have placed a link to the Patreon in the description of the map and give proper credit for who made the assets. Due to White Fox Works being relatively small in size, spreading word of their art is far more important currently than requesting more money from those who wish to use the assets in this way. 

Be aware, should White Fox Works grow in popularity, there will come a time when a Merchant Tier subscription will be required to continue using the assets in paid products. You will be notified in advance, should such a change be possibly coming.

If you wish to use the full version of WFW asset packs for your own paid maps, you are completely fine to do so as long as you are a Patron at any tier! :3 Otherwise, you are still free to use the assets you’ve already acquired, as well as any future free packs produced. 


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