BluBerrey’s BaseStyleHouses1 Expansion Pack (51 as...


An expansion asset pack featuring 51 top down Basic City assets. You can use the pack to build cities and towns by just using this pack, OR, you can combine it with the Base tiles packs orthe MegaPack, build a large scale layout using those, and then fill out all empty areas, and customize your map to your liking!
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Hello Adventurers!

As always, both PNG and DungeonDraft _Pack files are available to download.

With this pack I have added a couple connection parts for the roofs, so you can have several roofs joined together. You might have to change the size of the connecting assets but it will look perfectly natural. (I have used all of these in the tiles as well)I have also included some gates, towers, flags, a balcony and a couple tarps and smaller roof segments so you can make some custom houses with their help.

If you want you can also support my endeavours on patreon.

And as always,
Happy Building


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