Danish Namebase – Dansk


Namebase created using Danish place names 
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Danish Namebase – Dansk – “Ready to use namebase for azgaar map Generator.”
You only pay for my next coffee and you will get at full list of Danish namebases ready to use.  Alle names are real danish names in use.
The best of luck to you. 

Format example “Danish|5|12||0|Allinge,Anholt,Askeby,Asnæs,Assens,Augustenborg,Bagsværd,Balle, ……ect 

Namesbase length: 383 [good]
Namesbase variety: 51 [good]

Min name length: 3
Max name length: 17
Mean name length: 7.7
Median name length: 7

Non-basic chars: æøå
Doubled chars: læsørmånakd
Duplicates: none
Multi-word names: 6.27%


  1. rmsorensen88

    There’s already a quite expansive Danish namebase done by CroBorn, and it’s free. This asset was made for a free platform, with free updates, and all other assets that people have made are free. I’m shook, honestly, that someone would charge money for a namebase.

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