Theo’s Hut – Lush Trees Pack One – Commercial Use ...


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This pack of tree and tree components is designed to be highly reusable and scatterable with color and design variations that blend well together out of the box. The full versions come with 20 pre-made trees (5 designs with 4 color variations each) and 20 modular pieces (5 designs with 4 color variations each). The modular stackable pieces can be used to add variety to the pre-made trees, as well as combined to make completely new tree designs. You can use Dungeondraft’s built in Prefab feature to create, save, and reuse as many variations as you

This pack is properly tagged to help keep your Dungeondraft asset listings organized.

Any and all updates or fixes for my paid assets are always provided free forever.


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License Type CAL-NA-NCR
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This commercial use pack is released under a no-attribution, no reselling license. This means:

can use, modify, and share these assets as much as you'd like in any
project that you charge money for or use commercially - and you don't
have to mention where you got them.

You can alter and modify these
assets however you'd like, but you can't resell those base or modified
assets. For example: You draw some lava on these trees. Now they're lava trees. You can use those commercially as much as you want within your
maps or projects - but you can't resell your modifications as individual
or packaged assets themselves.

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