1. Nexoness

    Package Avoro: Custom Boxes 1.1

    Avoro: Custom Boxes is a new addition to the Avoro asset family. This asset adds new label boxes to Wonderdraft which you can use in many kinds of maps ranging from Egyptian style to Celtic. You can colour the boxes in any colour you like by changing the colour in the box sidebar. To get the...
  2. Mythkeeper Team

    Mythkeeper 0.6.5

    Mythkeeper - a fan-made Wonderdraft asset manager to help you manage your assets! Quick links User Guide • Creator Guide • Subforum Mythkeeper is a multi-platform app (currently supports only Windows and Mac; Linux coming in the future) that can do the following: Install at least...
  3. Nexoness

    Package Avoro: Political Borders 1.1

    Avoro: Political Borders Custom border paths! Avoro: Political Borders is a pack of custom paths to use as borders in Wonderdraft. You can colour the borders in any colour you like by changing the colour in the sidebar. Works great with the Political Conquest and Political Atlas themes...

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