Dungeondraft: Tips & Tricks

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Making your own assets

Do you want to make your assets get recognized by Dungeondraft or repackage an existing asset pack? Then you will most likely find the following links quite helpful.

Custom Assets Guide
Custom assets guide / tutorial by the creator of the software.Go to resource
EightBitzDungeondraft ToolsThis wonderful piece of community software makes it easy to package and unpack asset packs and more! Main tool:
Go to resource

Custom tags tool:
Go to resource
EightBitzDungeondraft DocumentationA community made documentation / manual for Dungeondraft. A lot more detailed than the official manual.Go to resource
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Export issues

If you are having trouble exporting maps, please try the following:

  • Change the folder/drive it exports to (do not export into the user folder in particular);
  • Lower the PPI of the export as Dungeondraft might simply be running out of memory. Please try this regardless of your PCs specs;
  • Make sure your antivirus isn’t blocking the software;
  • There is a problem where Dungeondraft fails to add the data type at the end of the file, adding it manually to the name fixes it;

Head over to the Dungeondraft Discord server with a list of your OS, tried fixes and Dungeondraft’s version number, so further solutions can be recommended without repetition of previously mentioned fixes.