1. R

    Other Cliffs 1.0

    This is a set of Cliffs based on the Top Down Mounts produced and released by Zalkenai, released with his permission.
  2. Silvia_Crow

    Top-down SilviaCrows Marketplace(DEMO) 1.0

    Tents and items, some basic for a market. Please note, this a demo, not the full version. It can be bought for 2,14 EU here: In this pack you'll find: - 2 various tents in normal Is made for wonderdraft, but can be use in similar program that uses png.
  3. Mill House Studios

    Top-down City Blocks 1.1

    Simple city blocks for top-down city maos. These assets are intentionally pretty simple, and do not have shading, as they are intended to be rotated around a lot, and that would destroy any 3d effect. If you want to shade the roof tops, my advice would be to wait until you've finished and do it...
  4. Silvia_Crow

    Top-down Silvia Crows castles 1

    Now you have a place for all your 1%s, whom, of course, can't live in something as simple as a 2-level house. Pack with 9 different castles, as png files. Is made for wonderdraft, but can be use in similar program. Comes in a colored version, a custom colored version, so you can choose your...
  5. Silvia_Crow

    Top-down Silvia Crow's manors - small pack 1.0

    A small pack with manors, for all your rich people in town. Features: custom colors, normal and sample color. I hope you find this usefull, please contact me if you have any questions concerning this asset. Hav a good day
  6. M

    Cartoony 2-Min Tabletop - Grey Town & City Tokens 1.0

    These are recoloured versions of the 2 Minute Tabletop Town & City tokens. They have grey roofs instead of red / blue ones in order to give a more neutral look. There are a total of 51 icons here, including tents recoloured to grey instead of beige. I do not have the ability or inclination to...
  7. Nexoness

    Realistic Realistic Project Earth 1.0

    Project Earth is a realistic theme for Wonderdraft. It includes a few colours that help you get started with your own realistic satellite map, like the one shown below! Features for next update: Custom textures Labels More ground colours Frames Featured in Megasploot's tutorial on how to...

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lothlann wrote on Mythkeeper Team's profile.
Hi, I am having some trouble with Mythkeeper lately, may I ask for some support? I am not sure how best to contact you! Thank you!
Working on top down city blocks...
SrAndrewRyan wrote on transylvanlig's profile.
Hi! I was wondering if your desert assets can be used for commercial purposes? Let me know, thanks!

Mystilik_Mew wrote on Nexoness's profile.
Sorry for bothering you, but I'm having trouble trying to use one of your themes for Wonderdraft.
I've got the zip file in my folders, and I tried unzipping and just putting that in their alone. I'm using Mac btw, hope you can help? Thanks

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