1. RaianStar

    Semi-realistic Top-down Stairs Path 1

    A simple stairs overlay. It’s pretty basic and works best in a corridor, but I think it does the job well enough ^^ It tiles fine until you start turning corners, at which point, it’s best to fade the end.
  2. Kelatomalacia

    Realistic World map V5.1 1.3

    Countries and cities in reality have been added.(The population may not be correct) Patches note: 2020/5/22 Rename Najin City to Rason and move from Russia to North Korea 2020/5/25 Chinese provinces updated, population adjusted Download old versions : V1 ...
  3. Mazlo_CG2A

    Realistic Mazlo's Topographic Mountains - Sample Pack #2 1.0

    Following up on my first sample pack, here's a sample set of 20 symbols (PNG files) from my Topographic Mountain Pro Pack #2. These assets only consist of shading (no color). The bottom image is an example of how easily you can color them in Pohotoshop or Wonderdraft. Paint underneath the...
  4. jchunick

    Other Settlements - Name Generator 1.1

    Create Random and Unique Settlement Names! Note: I did not include prefixes and suffixes like New or Town since that can be done by you, the user, for your particular setting. Here is a suggested list you can keep in mind when using mine to generate a unique random settlement name: Prefix...
  5. Mazlo_CG2A

    Topographic Mazlo's Topographic Mountains - Pro Pack #1 1.0

    50 mountain/cliffs/hills assets in PNG format. These are un-colored assets that include plateaus, river to sea transitions, small mountain arm extensions, and more. They blend really well, and you can create some very interesting mountain ranges and land features. Works great with Wonderdraft...
  6. jchunick

    Package Just Deserts 0.9a Beta

    There are five different desert textures in this pack. These symbols are white and their draw_mode in the metafile has been set to sample_color I sourced all the desert images from Important Note: When you first place them down onto a light parchment colour they will be nearly...
  7. jchunick

    Realistic Ornate and Parchment Boxes 1.0

    This set of ornate boxes go along with the ornate frames I made. I have also added a torn edged parchment that scales nicely, as well. These are very high resolution. There are six variations: Ornate box with parchment background Ornate grunge box with parchment background Ornate box, no...
  8. Nexoness

    Realistic Realistic Avoro 5.0

    Avoro for Wonderdraft A colourful theme for Wonderdraft. Avoro is a colourful theme for Wonderdraft. The theme is created to be used by both experts and newcomers of Wonderdraft and can be used for all kinds of maps. The base theme of Avoro includes loads of ground and water colours and label...

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